YOU GUYS, THIS IS HUGE. Today, SXSW festival and conference released their latest line-up of artists playing official showcases, and this batch brings the number of artists from Nordic countries to a total of 30! We’re so excited there is finally a spotlight at SXSW on music from the Arctic because we know (as do you) how wonderful the music that comes from that small part of the world is.

(Don’t have your 2017 SXSW Music badge yet? Hurry…the price goes up January 13, so get one today.)

Here’s the list of Nordic artists playing at SXSW music in Austin, TX this March 10-19, 2017.

Editor’s note: Get the updated roster Spotify playlist of SXSW 2017 Nordic artists and here

Agnes Obel (Copenhagen)
CHINAH (Copenhagen)
Rainbrother (Copenhagen)

Satellite Stories (Oulu)
ALMA (Helsinki)

Uyarakq x Peand-eL x Tarrak (Nuuk)
Small Time Giants (Nuuk)

Milkywhale (Reykjavik)

Chain Wallet (Bergen)
Lovespeake (Oslo)
Dark Times Oslo
Tuvaband (Oslo)
Coucheron (Sandvika)
Sturle Dagsland (Stavanger)
Slick Shoota (Oslo)
Darling West (Oslo)
Ask Carol (Oslo)
Farida (Gjøvik)
KREAM (Bergen)
WNDR (Oslo)
kakkmaddafakka (Bergen)

Albin Lee Meldau (Gothenburg)
Anna Von Hauswolff (Gothenburg)
Saint (Malmö)
Baskery (Stockholm)
Simian Ghost (Stockholm)
Mouthe (Gothenburg)
Kite (Stockholm)
Skott (Stockholm)

There are more Nordic artists soon to join the roster, so be sure to stay tuned for official SXSW Music announcements here and on And remember, even if you can’t make it, don’t worry…your FOMO won’t be too bad, because Nordic Spotlight will be at SXSW Music doing our best to capture the experience and share it with you here, on our website, and also on our Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channels. So, if you haven’t already, be sure to connect with us online and on your favorite social platforms so we can bring you the very best Nordic music at SXSW. See you there!

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