At what was surely a star-studded event in Oslo, the 2015 Spellemann Awards were handed out this past Saturday. Essentially the Norwegian version of our Grammys, the Spellemannprisen is a celebration of the best in that country’s music with performances and accolades a-plenty. The complete list of honorees should come as little surprise to regular readers of this site, but we thought we’d highlight a few of the bigger awards (with a little music included for good measure).

The big Spellemann prize went to DJ/producer Kygo who had an incredible 2015, bouncing around the globe for live performances and releasing track after track of wonderful modern house. And that wasn’t the only award he picked up, as he was also honored with Song Of The Year for “Stole The Show,” his collaboration with the equally great Parson James.

Probably the least surprising award announcement was when our beloved AURORA was handed the This Year’s Newcomer Award (and a tidy little scholarship of 250.000Kr) for her debut album Running With The Wolves. I fully expect this young talent to snap up some more awards around the world as it catches up with the brilliant title track from that LP.

Best Pop Band of 2015 was awarded to Bow To Each Other, the meeting of cross-cultural minds that was this Canadian/Norwegian duo.

And Best Pop Artist was Susanne Sundfør, the producer of Bow To Each Other’s debut LP My Heart Is A Target, and a fearsome solo artist in her own right, as evidenced by her fantastic 2015 album Ten Love Songs.

And last, but certainly not least, the Best Metal Album of the year was given to Kampfar neck-snapping assault known as Profan. Certainly some stiff competition in that category in 2015, but as you’ll hear below…they gave it to the right bunch of headbangers.

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